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Have you been searching for hip, high-quality products for your designer dog? We couldn’t find any either, so we made them ourselves! Now you can show off your breed pride and fashion sense with our fun, stylish gear.

This fun-loving fellow is a faithful friend who always looks great.
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Send us a photo of your pet with one of our products. If we use it on our site, we'll send you a mug with your breed on it.
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DIVORCE SALE! Sadly our ability to accept credit cards is now gone, but we are happy to accept email orders. At this time, we can only accept a cashier's check. If that is too scary, no problem, we sell some of our items on Amazon, so you can securely purchase there, but there would be a shipping charge. We also have Christmas/Holiday items not shown on our site. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you Sooo much for your patience! Sincerely, Juliette

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